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The 34-th Solid Mechanics Conference, SolMech 2002, will be held in Zakopane, a renowned resort at the foot of Tatra Mountains. The site is accessible by train or car from Warsaw (ca 450 km) or Cracow (ca 90 km). Following a long tradition going back to the first Polish Solid Mechanics Conference in 1953, the objective of the 34-th Solid Mechanics Conference SolMech 2002 is to bring together researchers engaged in all major areas of contemporary mechanics of solids and structures. The program of the conference will include a number of invited lectures and contributed papers. The language of the conference will be English. Social events, tours, and excursions to places of tourist and cultural interest will be arranged.

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Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Solids with Microstructure
Inelastic Response of Materials and Structures
Structural Mechanics, Sensitivity and Optimization
Instability and Localization Phenomena
Fracture Mechanics, Damage, Fatigue
Dynamics of Solids and Structures
{short description of image} Wave Propagation
Composites, Porous Media
Stochastic Methods
Computational Methods
Experimental Methods


R. Bogacz Z. Mroz J. Stefaniak
A. Borkowski W. Nowacki G. Szefer
T. Burczynski J. Orkisz J. Telega
K. Dems P. Perzyna A. Tylikowski
L. Dietrich H. Petryk Z. Wesolowski
A. Garstecki W. Pietraszkiewicz Cz. Wozniak
W. Gutkowski B. Raniecki H. Zorski
J. Ignaczak J. Rychlewski M. Zyczkowski
M. Kleiber K. Sobczyk
W. Kosinski M. Sokolowski

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Chairman : Kazimierz Sobczyk
Jacek Bauer (Secretary), Izabela Sleczkowska, Jerzy Trebicki

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The series of Polish Solid Mechanics Conferences have been organized by the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (IFTR PAS) since 1953, when the first conference was held in Karpacz, southern Poland. Initially, these conferences were of the summer school type and concentrated on problems of elasticity, plasticity, and structural mechanics. Later, they became international conferences with considerable participation of scientists from Poland and foreign countries, and with much wider scope covering actual active research areas in solid mechanics. The conferences have maintained high scientific standard and served as a forum for exchange of ideas and research information. Since 1982 the Solid Mechanics Conference has been held biennially in August or September.

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Organizing Committee SolMech 2002
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Center of Mechanics and Information Technology
Swietokrzyska 21, 00-049 Warszawa, POLAND
Phone : (+48 22) 828 74 71
Fax : (+48 22) 826 98 15

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It is supposed that the registration fee will be US $320 for participants and US $150 for accompanying persons. The details about the fees, accommodation costs, and social program will be provided in the Second Circular.